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“Money DNA is a financial fitness community bringing everything about money and beyond money concepts in life to you and your family.”

What is Money DNA?

D.N.A. stands for Development, Nourishment and Achievement.

Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.’ 

~ Brad Henry


We know what matters to you the most in life is FAMILY.  Whether it’s expecting a new family member, relocating to the family dream home, celebrating kids graduation, planning next family adventures, turning your passions and hobbies to something amazing, contemplating early retirement, dealing with unexpected events in life and so on, we want to ensure we are here for you and walk every step of the way to support you well preparing your family money matters so that you can provide the safety haven, spend quality time with the loved ones, and create memorable family moments with peace and joy.

Money DNA Financial Fitness Community delivers money concepts via intimate private sessions, fun group activities, informative group workshops, and a supportive like-minded community to inspire you developing your money muscles, nourishing you with informative money nutrition, and empowering you to be in control of your household money matters, make informative money decisions and plans, and achieve your financial goals.

Be Inspired

Be Empowered

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Be Inspired

Be Empowered

Be Informed

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What We Cover


Having a household budget helps you see where your money is going. You can put aside money for bills and expenses and set up a plan to reach your financial goals.  It helps you reduce stress on any uncertainties in life and focus on what matters the most to you. Whether you are saving for a holiday, the wedding, a home deposit or simply saving for raining days, we are here to help!


Overwhelming debt can result in stress and depression and has been linked to relationship breakdown, and so both your sense of physical and emotional security can be at risk when debt is a constant presence in your life. Whether you want to pay off your credit card debts, personal loans, business loans from the unsuccessful businesses or others, let us giude you our proven techniques to pay down debt quicker, improve your credit rating, and get your life back in order.


10 out of 10 couples who have money issues don’t talk about money! Why? Because the conversations always end up in tears and arguments. Money is one of the top 3 stressors in our relationships!  Let us help you uncover the underlying causes for the financial conflict in your relationship, learn how to communicate with each other about money in a compassionate and constructive way, and maintain a healthy stress free relationship.


Wonder what money personalities would support you to achieve your money goals, accelerate your success, and would hold you back from where you want to go?!  We are here to help you discover your money ‘WHY’, your money super power and draw back, and your unique money love languages. 


 Money might not buy happiness, but it’s always nice to have a little more of it. While your pay check goes straight towards the household needs, you may also think of turning your hobby, passion or skill into something that can make money and can be done in the evening or weekends outside of your 9-to-5. Let us help you evaluate the opportunities, draft your road map, manifest the success, and turn your ideas into something amazing!  


Sandy K.

Reduce $30k of debt within 12 months  

‘At the beginning I was nervous if I was wasting money on this, because I’ve tried many things in the past and didn’t work, and why would this be any different?

But something Winnie shared in our free Money FIT consultation caught my attention, and I decided to give it a try.

With Winnie’s help, we set a goal to pay off our personal debt and credit card debt in 18 months which is roughly $45k. Within 12 months, we have paid $30k so far, which is ahead of our plan, and I can’t wait to be debt free next summer.’

Cameron & Eve

 Saving $2800 for emergency fund in 3 months

“Before we started the program, we were living paycheck to paycheck. We both make decent money but just never seem to be able to get ahead of things. I was hesitant because I was worried to spend money and not have anything be different. But within 3 months, we are able to catch up with bills without using credit card and have some leftover for saving.”

Shaun & Marleen

Reduced $15k of business loan; Saving $3,000 for emergency fund in 3 months

“I was concerned about signing up because of the cost. But after trying to manage things ourselves for a while, we were barely getting ahead as we planned. I realized that we need some help to see progress. It’s been 3 months since we started; we have paid down the business loan that Shaun has from $60k to $45k and put $3,000 in savings.

Shannon A.

Paid off $9,000 credit card debt in 7 months

“I was worried that I would start strong but find it hard then give up within a few weeks. But thanks Winnie for the guidance and holding us accountable along the way; within 7 months, we have paid off $9,000 in credit card debt.’

Alice W.

Paid off $5000 credit card debt in 6 months

“In the past, I would be frustrated and agitated to tell my partner ‘we can’t pay the bills’ as we didn’t pay attention on our finances and had been overspending. It was out of control. Since working with Winnie, I know how to budget our household needs, and how to plan for things. My partner saw the result and is on board with what we do. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be where we are now without having the blaming games over money.”

Emily O.

Saving $1200 for down payment in 3 months

‘Being a single parent is tough! While juggling between kids and work, I often found myself putting my own needs and pending bills to the last, and I was so unhappy and hopeless. And just like a negative spiral, things got worse last year while we are going through Covid. And I felt so lost and trapped.

One of my girlfriends introduced me to Money DNA community. Through the learning and support, I learned how to organize my own money to avoid late payments, and with the support and clear goals set up, I’m in the process of saving up toward my own home for myself and my children. I feel that I finally got my confidence and independence back, and it feels so good!’

Mitch & Dee

Saving $25000 as down payment in 12 months

‘My wife and I are planning to retire in 5 years and part of our plan is to support our adult son and his partner to get into their home. While we were discussing our retirement plan with our financial planner, and an alternative idea of having our son to engage with Money DNA and learn how to save up their money got my attention. I thought sooner than later, he will have to deal with his own money issues like we always do, and it’s better for him to start learning the importance of money. And I thought whatever they can come up with would be a bonus and we can top up with the difference they need. Last weekend, my son told me that they are ready to get into the market, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. This is one of the best investments I’ve had in my life.’

Kate T.

Pay off $5000 credit card debt in 6 months

‘Thank you Money DNA for helping me pay off credit card debts that I have since I graduated from uni! I never thought that I would be able to be debt free, and now I feel so empowered and so free!’

Jon H.

Saving $1500 for emergency fund in 3 months

‘My mortgage broker introduced me to Money DNA to review my financial situation after we restructured my home loan. I was reluctant to pay big bucks for professional help because I don’t think I have much financial issues to deal with. And through engaging with Money DNA, I’m not only able to organize my money properly but also know how to deal with some money issues in life without stress too much I feel so much in control now!’

Ron & Donna

Saving $12,000 for down payment in 7 months

‘We recently just moved into our dream house and couldn’t be happier to have our own home for the growing family. We never thought we’d be able to build up our down payment in few month time on our own without too much pain and hassle. Thanks Money DNA for making our dream comes true.’

HI I’m Winnie!

At 31 years of age, due to a business partnership going sour, I was on the brink of bankruptcy and had over US$100k in debt.

With hard work and determination, I developed a set of strategies that not only enabled me to pay off my debt in 18 months but also built up a lump sum as a safety net. This incident told me such a valuable lesson in life and also planted the seed for me to help others improve their lives by better managing their finances, including publishing my 1st book ‘A 21-Day Guide to Financial Happiness’ in 5 countries in Asia.

For the past decade in financial services industry as a certified financial planner, a SME business banker and a certified money coach, I have developed creative and fun ways to manage money and help my clients learn how to make informed financial decisions and overcome financial challenges.

In 2021, Money DNA community was born (alongside with Unblock Your Wealth/ UYW Financial Wellness which was established in 2018)  to bring a mix of money and beyond money concepts in life, delivered via private sessions and group workshops & activities, and a supportive like-minded community to empower our members to be in control of money and achieve your financial dreams.

How It Works

Free Consultation Call (20 mins)

In this complimentary consultation, we will chat about your current financial situation, goals and dreams you want to achieve, issues or focus you want to tackle, and most importantly is to see if Money DNA is the right fit for you for your money transformation.

Onboarding & Discovery Discussion (60 mins)

Once you decide to take on the journey with us to change your money reality, we will kick off the onboarding process to help you gather all relevant information, and our consultants will organise a discovery session with you.

Financial Health Check Evaluation (60 mins)

Any type of transformation starts with, first and foremost, understanding the current situation and underlying issues. In this 60 min initial financial health check evaluation, we take the time to look at your financial health result, share our findings and potential roadblocks to hold you back to achieve your dreams, and work with you to develop a SMART action plan as a road map to your goals and dreams.

Check-in sessions (30 mins) x 3; Let the fun begin and see the long-lasting results

Changing habits requires time and disciplines, and we are here to support you and keep you on the right track. During the transformation period, we will organise the check-in sessions with you  and hold you accountable.  We also bring a mix of money and beyond money concepts in life to inspire you to develop your money muscles, nourish you with informative money nutrition, and empower you to be in control of your money and achieve your financial goals.

Money DNA Financial Fitness

Create healthy money habits; Be financially fit for good

12-month UNLIMITED access to Money DNA coaching platform


12 month UNLIMITED access to Money Management platform  – Connect all your money matters in one platform


PT sessions (Personal Training) 5 sessions in total —

1 * Onboarding & Discovery discussion (60 mins) +

1 * initial financial health check evaluation (60 mins) +

3* check-in sessions (30mins) at your convenience


Monthly Group sessions — Polish your money strategies, fast track your success, and achieve your goals (coming soon)


Online quick&sharp sessions/ Q&A with specialists – anything and everything about money & beyond money concepts in life


Money DNA community – meet like-minded people in the money transformation journey


Money DNA resources – useful tools & tips you can utilize in daily life


Monthly money DNA quiz nights – fun team competition to win a prize or two (coming soon)


Weekly fun money DNA & behavioral changing quizzes – 3 mins per week to learn some fun fact about money and behavioral changes (coming soon)

Total value: $4999

 Now it’s only $39.99 per fortnight

 Purchase additional PT sessions

**All services are conducted online; face to face meetings are only available for members in Brisbane.


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