What’s your Money Language? (Part 2)
Kim was attracted by Jim’s charisma when they first met. He works hard, and is responsible, devoted to the family, so when he proposed, she didn’t think twice and couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him and started their family together.
Kim was brought up in a middle class family. Her father was working for a family owned carpet wholesale company all his life, and Kim’s mother was a housemother.
They never talked about money at home; it worked well for Kim as Kim is not interested in money and often time find money issues scares her a bit.
When Jim’s business went sour, Kim started to feel the tension between them and also found herself feel hopeless to the situation.
This is the first time Kim feel that her simple life could crumble.
Kim didn’t want to talk about money with Jim cuz it always ended up with argument and tears.
Kim appreciated Jim works hard all day for the family. But deep down Kim sometimes just wishes Jim could help her out with household chores and children. This is not just her responsibility, and she also wants to go out with her gf to have a dink or two sometimes.
She is tired….
Almost half couples in Australia argue over money!
In fact, Money is one of the top stressors for marriage break down.
Lack of communication is one thing, but how to communicate about money subject is definitely something we all need to learn in our life.
One of the effective communication skills is to share our money values and understand our own money languages to each other.
Conflicts can resolved only if we understand where we are coming from and where we stand.