🏠💰Household Money Management 🏠💰 Do you and your partner go on regular money dates? Have you shared your money values with your partner?

Larry and Tina were referred to me by their mortgage broker as their current living expenses are too high and they are unable to request for refinance.
‘From 0 to 10, 10 is the highest, how would you rate your current financial situation? ‘ I asked.
‘Probably a TWO!’ Tina said.
That day, Tina, then told me the reason the broker suggested them coming to me is because there seems to be some misalignment in their financial information.
‘We’ve been married for 12 years and have two wonderful children together, but we never talk about money.’ Tina said.
“Larry got redundant few years ago. And since I was the bread winner at that time and also work in finance, we sort of automatically assuming that I would take care of the money thing for the family.
And since then, I just pick up the bills and pay, manage our household money as much as I can. ‘ Tina said.
‘That’s such a big task and responsibility for you! Have you asked for help?’ I said.
‘Ya. I’m exhausted! But funny enough, I never asked for help. Just like my mum, we just pick up everything ourselves and never ask for help.
It wasn’t til the appointment with the broker, that I realised that because we never talked about money, Larry doesn’t know much about our household money situation, it’s like things just got paid by itself, including children education. And I did’t know that he has a car loan and a credit card.’ Tina said.
No wonder Tina would rate their finance as a TWO, you would think.
And this is not uncommon.
In fact, only 18% Australians are comfortable talk about personal finance. 47% Australians found it hard to initiate money conversations.
~Australians are more comfortable talking about sex and politics than they are about their personal finances, according to a new survey~
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❓How do you manage your money conversation?
❓What’s your story? Or do you have any advice to Larry and Tina?
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