What’s your Money Language? (Part 1)
Jim was brought up with the belief that men are the bread winners and should work hard and bring the bacon home.
When Jim got redundant few years ago, he thought he could start a business with his mate and continue supporting the family. Unfortunately, the business went sour, and he then got further debt to take care of.
Jim didn’t want to talk about money with Kim cuz it always ended up with argument and tears.
Jim appreciated Kim looked after their beautiful children while he is working. But deep down, he sometimes just wishes Kim could show some appreciation when he has been worked his butt off all day, and share some burden.
Jim feels trapped….
Almost half couples in Australia argue over money!
In fact, Money is one of the top stressors for marriage break down.
Lack of communication is one thing, but how to communicate about money subject is definitely something we all need to learn in our life.
One of the effective communication skills is to share our money values and understand our own money languages to each other.
Conflicts can resolved only if we understand where we are coming from and where we stand.