🏠💰Household Money Management 🏠💰 - How do manage your money Flows?

Julie & Mark came to me with frustration. 😩
They have been trying to sort out their household debts for years and it seems to them that no matter what they do, they don’t seems to be able to shake the debts off.
Quite reverse, their debt has been growing like a snowball.
Mark, ‘We hardly go out together, haven’t bought gifts to each other for years, and live a moderate lifestyle, but no matter what we have done, nothing seems to work.
The feeling of being trapped and unable to see anything bright and joy has overclouded the family.
Their story is not unique! In fact, 3 out of 5 families that I’ve been working with since last year has similar situation; however their salaries are, however the problem initiated and however long they have been carrying the burden with them.
I get them to look at their bank statements!
The fact is:
1. They never talked about money. ‘Because it always ends up with tears and arguments!’ 🤬– what I mean by that is, they never share their plans, don’t communicate thoughts and feelings to each other effectively, don’t know who did what and who spent what, and everything is second guess. And this leads to unwilling to trust, unwilling to share or communicate. Simply tell the other about how frustrated they have toward money and each other is not communication, it’s conversing!
2. Didn’t set budget 💰– Even though there are ‘main bank account’ and ‘daily expenses account’ set up, they don’t set budget on things. So one person use one account to purchase groceries while the other use the other account to do the same at the same day, and it happens on every single day.
3. No safety net for rainy days 🌧– The problem with no safety net is every time when an urgent situation or emergency arise, they have no choice but use what’s left in the account (which in most cases is none) or use credit card.
At the end of the session, they finally realised that what it seems to be the biggest roadblock – debts, is actually not really the biggest problem. The biggest issue here is they way they manage their day to day money and the way they communicate with each other.
Julie and Mark now are working on their family money matters together as a team, as a family, and they have been learning how to communicate with each other about money and learn how to allocate tasks and funding fairly, and having their regular ‘money dates’. 👩‍❤️‍👨
They finally see the light through the tunnel and can picture themselves getting rid of all consuming debts in the near future.
❓Does the story resonate to you?
❓How do you manage your money flow?
❓What’s your story? Or do you have any advice to Julie and Mark?
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